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What is an AI-driven Website?

How can I get one? Which type is the best for me? How can my business be integrated in website?

There are 2 kinds of AI-driven websites:

  1. Conversational UI driven Website: Websites that you can "talk" to for navigation and support
  2. Intelligent Websites / "Intellisites": Websites with pages "created on the fly" by AI based on user intention.

What is a Conversational UI (AI) Driven Website

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What you can see in the demo is that this is a normal website with "already created" pages, and the user can just talk to the website in natural language and request assistance.

The value of this type of a website assistant is that it can perform actions intelligently, as programmed, and can easily be added to present websites made with traditional website technology (HTML / PHP / Node / React / Python), and just use an AI plugin to understand user intentions (easy integration into present systems).

For example, we may want that after a user fills up a contact/support form, we immediately connect the user to a support rep, or any such "pre-programmed" actions. These actions could be any actions like calling a 3rd party api, filling details in a google sheet, sending an email or scheduling an appointment etc.

The advantage of such websites is that for complex websites, like those of enterprises, it can make the user significantly more comfortable. Also, we can have step by step "aims" for interaction with a customer.

For example, a Conversational UI Driven website can make conversion rates of landing pages much higher, by helping consumers answer their frequently asked questions, and slowly clearing their objections in a professional way. At every step, we could know a bit about the user (which on a landing page can be somebody who just clicked an AD / could be a very good prospect). Rather than filling out a form, we could ask the user with a first name and then a phone number, which could be verified before showing the answer to the query. This can help in filtering our spam queries, and can potentially qualify leads as well. Also, the pattern of their questions could be analyzed before a call is setup between the company associates and the user.

Note that Conversational UI Websites just uses AI to understand navigation of actions, it does not "make" the pages on the fly based on user requests.

What is an AI website assistant

For any business, a website is their digital presence - a way to provide information to their customers and potential users. However, the information on a website is static and does not change based on the user's needs. This is where an AI website assistant comes in. It is a way to provide a personalized experience to the user, based on their needs.

Consider the experience of visiting an empty shop versus a shop where someone is there to assist you. The shopping experience is much more pleasant because all your questions are answered and your concerns are promptly addressed. This type of experience was typically not possible with websites but with the advent of AI, this is just a very simple low hanging fruit of how the user experience on your website can be manipulated to make your digital presence much more engaging and fruitful towards your outcomes.

AI website assistant can easily add functionalities to your website which would not present there earlier. For example, consider a website which shows user reports. Typically, this website would require a customer to login, then visit the dashboard, enquire for a report, download it. But using an AI website assistant, this can all be intelligently automated.

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