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How can an AI Business Assistant help me?

How does it feel to work with an AI Business Bot?

Every business has some elements which are non-core and could be easily delegated to an intelligent but lowly paid employee. Just automate that process, and enjoy the benefits!

Get a free employee? Is this possible? Can anybody have a free and effective employee? Yes you can. I am Gaurav from India, and the author of BizBot - a free and open-source AI Business Assistant, using which you can completely automate your business. So lets go ahead and learn how YOU can get a free employee for yourself!

Lets pay a visit to Bob. It is the year 2027. Bob, who runs a small plumbing business, is having his breakfast - he loves his black coffee. (phone rings) He recieves an update from his AI Business Assistant, BizBot for short. You see, Bob has an AI-first business, in which he does the core tasks of the business, and the AI handles all the support functions like marketing, invoicing, documents and so on. In Bob's case, BizBot's main task is to handle appointment scheduling - which it does by chatting with Bob on his app, and with customers at the website and email. So whenever there's a hitch, like a rescheduling, it would just prompt Bob to take a look, and send emails automatically. It's as if the BizBot is a real person.

Bob now enjoys unprecedented freedom from the non-value adding tasks of his business. He doesn't need employees for invoicing, or the usual document management - his BizBot handles all of it, and Bob is really happy with running an effective company. See, a BizBot is a perfect employee - it works 24x7 without mistakes and does not take a salary. All it needs is TIME. Bob started training his BizBot in 2024 which has given it ample training to BizBot on exactly how he likes his tasks done. And today, all Bob does is enjoy the profits. and an occasional audit of BizBot's detailed functioning as well!

Bob's story is not unique. By 2027, most businesses utilize BizBots for support and enjoy a high degree of freedom and profitability - whether is a completely digital business like ecommerce, marketing agency, or content creation or a business which cannot be completely digital, like a restaurant, or a hospital, or a salon or gym. The activities are usually the ones that just require common sense and a little training - things like customer support, data entry, email marketing, inventory management, recruitment, appointment scheduling etc. - all it requires is just time and effort to train your BizBot.

I encourage you to get started with your own business automation journey in 2024 to enjoy a totally hands-free fully automated business within a couple of years. Each step of the journey will bring its own set of challenges, so I welcome you to join our community, and learn about how you can automate your business using our free open source tool. I want to listen to you and help you as much as I can. I sincerely wish to help you too live a lifestyle of freedom by completely automating your business so I look forward to seeing you in the community. (Namaste).

How can AI help in business

In Bob's case, BizBot acts like an AI Receptionist - neatly doing all the customer interaction and scheduling tasks - all the support that he would need. But this function would be different for every business.

In the case of a factory, a BizBot would act like a production manager - focusing on details of material in-out and inventory cycle etc.

In the case of a restaurant, BizBot would act like an attendant - suggesting people what is fresh, our specialities etc.

In the case of a trading business, BizBot would act as a trading assistant- taking quotations from partners, and giving quotations to customers.

An AI Business Bot is essentially a free employee.

What do you think a free employee could help you with?

Gaurav Verma Author

Gaurav Verma

Published 12/07/2023

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