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Explore & Thrive with AI How to use AI for business success

How to use AI for business success

Congratulations for getting over your grief and moving on to learn about how to thrive using AI.

Elsewhere in this blog we have discussed that all industries will be "forced" to adapt to AI, and why humans cannot compete with AI. It may look all gloom and doom, but in fact, there's much going on under the surface, which presents entrepreneurs with opportunities to thrive in the AI-commerce era.

Basically to thrive, these are the things you should keep in mind:

  1. AI cannot build personal relationships. It can personalize and make someone an addict behind a digital interface (B2C), but wherever trust and people interaction is required (B2B), people will always win.

  2. AI cannot imagine new opportunities. As I write this in 2023, AI can execute, but not imagine. AI-Commerce era is an era of evolving business needs - you need to be constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. You can be sure that thousands of AI millionaires will be minted in the next 2 decades. You can be one of them. We will be discussing AI Business opportunities in this blog in detail.

  3. AI cannot own a business or its profits. For now, only humans can lay claim to business profits. So own AI-driven businesses, use AI in the businesses for your advantage.

  4. Manage the human element. Control your expectations - major disruption will come, and it might feel dire. And nothing might seem to work for you. But you have to manage yourself - see, most startups fail. You will have to have multiple attempts to succeed, and you will need to work hard, be nimble and humble to adapt. AI presents an uncertain new world with threats and opportunities like never before, so you will need to constantly learn, explore and experiment. But as I said above, there would be lots of exceptional opportunities during the next 20 years than ever before in the history of mankind. Use the below Principles of AI Commerce to explore opportunities for you.

Now here are some important PRINCIPLES OF AI-COMMERCE for you to understand, so you have the upper hand over competition:

Principle 1. AI Commerce = Evolutionary Game

"Business" is about to become an "evolving video game" which bots play among themselves.

Please watch the below video carefully to understand how AI Bots would evolve:

openai evolutionary game of bots

This is quite an old video by OpenAI, but it amply shows the evolution of bots by repeating a game. Winning strategies are formed by each side, until the other side learns to counteract them.

Please understand that this is the future of AI-driven businesses: Commerce is a multi-player game, and AI Bots are perfect to automate and disrupt them, and turn it into an evolutionary game - by learning using each interaction. Profits become a "score" in this world! They are reflected in bank accounts instead of a scoreboard. This is a video game which has real-world consequences: it is the complete digitization of commerce.

Principle 2. Primary Business Activity in AI Commerce = Helping your bot succeed!

The key to winning in the era of Automated Commerce / AI-driven business world is to invest time, money and effort in enabling your bots with the right tools to evolve higher and win more. The more your bot evolves, the more "money games" it can win, the more the credits in your bank account.

When AI does all the work, what will people do?

People will work on their AI to help it earn more!

You can train your AI only with actual simulations, and interactions with the real world. Data and Time are the two critical factors for it to evolve, until it is an acute disadvantage (it is playing with very evolved bots, in which case it might cost too much "money" to train the AI)

Get busy setting yourself up for failure, or get busy helping your Bot to succeed!

Principle 3. A Headstart = Immense Value.

In the above principle you saw how AI-driven business world / AI-Commerce will evolve - via real-time competition of bots, by learning through various interactions with the real-world, to maximize the goal of profit maximization in business.

But did you notice the immense financial value of a HEADSTART in this evolutionary game? How much would you invest to EVOLVE your bot up a few notches?

The BIGGEST FAVOR you can do for yourself today is to give your business a HEADSTART in AI Evolution.

Give it the data, time and the attention it deserves.

No need to invest money - you can get BizBot for free. You need to invest time and effort TODAY to help it learn enough that your BizBot is able to compete by itself against the best in the world by 2027.

Gaurav Verma Author

Gaurav Verma

Published 12/07/2023

Explore & Thrive with AI

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