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What is BizBot? How can AI bots help in business?

How can it help your business become faster, cheaper and better?

There have been very technological disruptions which have changed the course of human history. AI is one such change.

BizBot is an open-source, free, downloadable software that runs on your "website". Just like Wordpress, BizBot is a PHP-based based software that runs at "your" web server. After you install BizBot at your website / server, you can start using BizBot right away - you can add any free / paid plugin to enhance its functionality, you can ask your AI Automation Agency (AAA) to build one for you, or you can yourself write plugins to make BizBot the exact way you want it to work. The code will be written in PHP, a very widespread programming language, and will be compliant with Laravel, a cutting-edge PHP framework.

BizBot helps you with automation of your existing business processes. It uses the same business modules that you may have been using existing softwares like CRM, ERP, many SAAS products for, but it brings that all your execution and your data under one roof, and allows you to access all of it via a single very simple conversational UI. All you have to do is to say what you want, and BizBot will help you do it as easily as possible.

After BizBot is installed and setup, its interface looks like this:

Users can press / to chat with BizBot and configure it and give it commands. If BizBot is able to perform the task, it will, otherwise it will suggest remedies, like installing the appropriate plugin from the BizBot marketplace, and so on. When it performs the task, it will provide an answer to the user and display the corresponding action results on the right side. For example, if you have a website management / wordpress management plugin installed, BizBot can help you with automatic creation of posts with just a command!

In the above, BizBot is providing you content suggestions, and also providing you various other options that would help fulfill the instructions you provided.

What is an AI Business Bot?

An AI Business Bot is a piece of business technology that automates most functions of a business.

Prior to 2023, the online presence of a business meant having a website and a handful softwares for communication and processes, but most work requiring judgement and trust were performed by people, and software was there to empower people.

But with AI showing that is capable of reliably performing tasks that require complex judgement, businesses will gravitate towards having a central piece of software doing work, and people, who are slower and cost more, will become the supporting infrastructure.

A Business Bot is not a website. It is a piece of software that lives on your hosting, just like your website, but is not customer facing directly. Its function is to manage your data, talk to third parties, create quotations, take appointments, manage inventory and other such 'business management tasks', and takes appropriate actions when 'business events' happen - for example, it may reschedule a person's tasks based on changing business priorities / say a new appointment. Business Owners can chat with this software using a Conversational UI, and help it perform better.

What can BizBot do? BizBot can only perform functions installed in it. BizBot is not allowed to write code by itself. Today's AI is not reliable enough to write error-free code. Even in the future, for most uses, we recommend human supervision when adding new code, either by using plugins from BizBot, which are uploaded after a proper manual check, or getting the code audited regularly. This is because business processes do not change so fast that it requires instant code writing, but even a small mistake in the code can have huge repercussions. That said, BizBot has been constructed in such a way that it CAN write and utilize automatic code.

Why should I use BizBot ? BizBot can act as the starting journey for your business automation, and has all the capabilities to scale it up as much as needed. It is a one-stop software that any business can use to automate itself and survive in the AI Era.

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Gaurav Verma Author

Gaurav Verma

Published 12/07/2023

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